Praying Mantis Eggs 
Mantises were considered to have supernatural powers by early civilizations, including Ancient Greece , Ancient Egypt , and Assyria . A cultural trope popular in cartoons imagines the female mantis as a femme fatale . Mantises are among the insects most commonly kept as pets .Praying mantis in the garden provide a safe, biological weapon to combat the summer’s onslaught of pesky insects. They will eat almost anything, including each other, but their pest control of flies, crickets , moths and mosquitoes makes them incomparable natural assistants in the landscape.

Praying Mantis Eggs

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The majority of mantises are ambush predators that only feed upon live prey a short distance within their reach. However, some ground and bark species ... Read more actively pursue their prey. For example, members of a few genera such as the ground mantids, Entella, Ligaria and Ligariella, run over dry ground seeking prey much as tiger beetles do. Species that are predominantly ambush predators camouflage themselves and spend long periods standing perfectly still. They largely wait for their prey to stray within reach, but most mantises chase tempting prey if it strays closely enough. A mantis catches prey and grips them with grasping, spiked forelegs. The mantis usually holds its prey with one arm between the head and thorax, and the other on the abdomen. Then, if the prey does not resist, the mantis eats it alive. However, if the prey does resist, the mantis often eats it head first. Unlike sucking predatory arthropods such as assassin bugs, a mantis does not liquefy prey tissues or drain its prey's body fluids, but simply slices and chews it with its mandibles as convenient, often from one end. [citation needed]

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